Untold Secrets about The Tao of Badass Revealed in this review

cute girlIf you decided to approach any hot girl either in night-club or in Public Park, one thing you will notice again and again that is she starts going to test you.  She will test you again and again and make sure you don’t pass them. If you fail to pass these series of test then you will end up getting inside her rejected list. But, if you pass these tests then she will off her guard and give you access to her inner soul.

If you don’t know how to pass these tests then you are not alone. Even, I would say no one born with this kind of knowledge and there is no school, university or institute that teaches this information.

But, there’s GOOD news for you.

Joshua Pellicer developed the system which will teach you this information plus other numerous ‘NINJA’ seduction techniques inside Tao of Badass. I think I don’t have to give you introduction about this dating guide as you already heard many times about it.

You’ve visited here because you’ve some doubts about this guide and what to know more about Joshua Pellicer dating guide. At the end of this Tao of badass review, I hope all your doubts about Joshua Pellicer dating guide will be clear and you will be able to finalize your buying decision.

What is Tao of Badass and what does it teach?

Tao of Badass GuideIf you are thinking Tao of Badass teach you dating techniques such as approach women, seduction techniques, pickup lines or something in between them then you are right, but it is not limited to these techniques only. Joshua Pellicer also teaches guys what type of mindset they need to adopt to successfully approach women and how to bring their best version.

Badass Dating Guide is different than any other dating guides and any other material available online. Joshua Pellicer teaches guys how to become more attractive, how to talk with women and how to decode their body language. In short, Joshua teaches guys how to become ‘badass’ with women.

Here are some tips and techniques you learn inside this dating program:

  • “Worst Dating Mistakes” – Joshua tells you what kind of mistakes guys are making again and again while approaching women that you should avoid.
  • “Effective Mindset” – An effective mindset is required to approach and seduce women successfully which Josh tells you inside the members’ area
  • “Body Language” – Some guys look awful when they talk with women. Without proper body language each and every women will turn down your proposal and walk away
  • “Eye-to-Eye Conversation” – Want to know most difficult phrase for attracting any women? It is eye-to-eye conversation. Many guys just can’t build eye-to-eye conversation with women and they end up getting stuck into rejected list or friendship zone.
  • “Avoid Getting into Friendship Zone” – When any woman does not get proper attraction signals from the guy then she puts him into her friendship zone which is deadly zone of loving relationship. Joshua speaks how guys can stop themselves getting into friendship zone and guys that get stuck into friend zone will find tips and techniques that able them to get out of it.
  • “Access to Woman’s Mind” – Joshua doesn’t only hold degree in psychology instead psychology is his passion. He shared some tips on decoding girl’s body language which able you to know what girl is thinking about you and how to turn these thinking into your favor.
  • “Stop Being Cheated” – Cheating occurs when woman lost attraction in the relationship. But, with the help of Josh’s techniques you will not get cheated by any girl no matter how many girls you are dating at the same day.
  • “Date with Multiple Women” – Inside this program you will also discover how to date with multiple women without getting in trouble and without getting cheated from any one of them.

This is just the few highlighted techniques you learn inside badass dating guide. Surely there are tons of different dating techniques you find inside this dating guide and Joshua keeps on releasing new and unique techniques inside members’ area.


TOB videos

  • “User-Friendly and Easy-To-Follow” – This program comes in the collection of PDF guide and HD video series which is very easy-to-follow and designed in very user-friendly pattern. Most guides deliver content in an unorganized manner which make reader difficult to understand and follow but it is not the same case with Josh’s dating program. Josh supply PDF guide as well as video series for all those people that don’t like reading and they prefer watching video.
  • “Unlimited Updates” – Most dating program comes with same information without any updates but on other hand Joshua keeps on updating members’ area with new and fresh informative video series.
  • “Live Members’ Community” – Josh done created work by creating community of people with ‘badass’ qualities. At anytime you get any question or want to discuss your situation with experienced guys then you can ask in members’ community or you can ask directly from Josh by sending him email.
  • “Money-Back Guarantee” – Josh has full confidence on his program and that’s why decided to give full money-back to anyone who feel the techniques he teaches doesn’t working for him.

 Cons/Needs Improvement:

  • “Not Works on Every Woman” – The dating techniques Joshua teaches works almost on every girl but there are certain cases where these techniques will not work such as woman is shy and not ready to communicate freely and these techniques don’t work on girl that already knows you because when girl already knows you and see your new version possibly she gets red flag in her mind.
  • “Monthly Price” – Monthly Price is something which makes guys skeptical about it at first. Joshua keep monthly payment because of the hard work he is doing in updating content into members’ area.
  • “Needs Practice” – Are you thinking Tao of Badass contain some sort of magical spell which turn women on and able you to become badass? Sorry!! You’ll disappoint. Josh Pellicer shared dating techniques which needs practice and it is possible some girls reject you in beginning but as your skills get polish you’ll become more confident and eventually girls start coming closer to you.


I would say, Tao of Badass is definitely not a scam instead you will learn lots of dating techniques which will change your social life and able you to sleep with different girls every night.

That’s it for my review and I hope now all your doubts about this program will disappear and now you able to finalize your buying decision

I’ve posted video review about TOB below

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